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Here at Optigrow we have had an increasing interest in our Vermileachate, commonly known as Worm Tea.

So what is Worm Tea, how do you use it and what are its benefits over a conventional organic fertiliser like Vermicast (Worm Castings).

Like Vermicast, Worm Tea is a highly concentrated liquid fertilizer , high in nutrient and containing all the healthy microbes that plants thrive on helping them absorb available nutrient.

Worm tea is produced by the irrigation water that leaches through our wormeries carrying nutrient and all the goodness of Vermicast with it.

Vermicast (Fertilizer) and Worm Tea (Liquid Fertilizer) both come with their own unique properties that make them useful in different areas.

Vermicast is a powdered fertilizer, easy to apply by hand, containing worm cocoons, baby worms and natural microbes for soil reconditioning and the creation of a healthy natural biome.

Worm Tea or Vermileachate is a concentrated yet gentle liquid fertilizer, containing all the nutrient and natural microbes your plants need. Easy to dilute and water your plants using your current irrigation methods.

So why choose Worm Tea over a conventional organic fertilizer?

Worm tea makes a perfect feed for your potted plants. The lack of baby worms means that you won’t have baby worms breading out in the confined space of your potted plants and is easily added to you normal house plant watering routine.

Perfect for hydroponics, it is easily added to your current setup, is nutrient rich, contains microbes that are lacking in chemical hydroponic systems and increase the efficient uptake of the available nutrient. As a natural material, there is an abundance of micronutrients in worm tea that plants require, all in plant available formats that are vital in a hydroponic system.

Easily added into your existing irrigation setup, Worm Tea is gentle and can be used as a foliar feed sprayed over your plants with the added benefit of chasing off pests, or watered at the root base putting nutrient directly into the soil.

For irrigation as simple as a watering can to a large commercial fertigation setup, Vermileachate (Worm Tea) is a perfect rocket fuel for your plants, containing all the nutrient your plants need with the added benefit of a microbial component meaning you get more bang for your buck. Higher nutrient absorption and less leach away.

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