Soil consultation.

Rectifying the organic function of soil is not rocket science, but includes many actions and inclusions to how we farm that have been neglected by modern agriculture.

Farming just to support the plant has a multitude of pitfalls, farming healthy soil to support plants that yield large, high grade, healthy and nutritious crops should be the primary function of every serious farmer.

Through cost-benefit analysis, cost of action and cost of inaction considerations, creating and managing healthy soil is not expensive, is cost effective to maintain and reaps massive cost savings in the long term.

Farming macadamias, avocados, pecans, lemons, bananas, vegetables etc, contact us today to arrange a meeting to discuss your soil issues and determine your needs.

Natural fencing.

Let us help you plan your natural fence-line, as an added layer of security to your existing fencing or as a natural barrier.
See our bulk plant range and arrange a consultation to design your layout and calculate needed plant quantities.

See our plant list here.


Optigrow suggests an Opticast application topdressing for our clients lawns in combination with an application of compost.

Application quantity depends on the current state of your lawn, so please call to discuss.

We can deliver for your own application or deliver and apply.

For a quote, please contact us today with your location and area to top-dress and we will have a quote on its way to you as soon as possible.

For more on topdressing read our article here, all about topdressing.


Green-mulching serves the function of densely covering ground that is poor and inactive with a thick layer of fresh organic material and manure in order to smother unwanted weeds and reboot the organic function of the soil beneath.
Green-mulching is not suitable for plants, but for rebuilding soil from scratch in order to transform sand or compacted earth to a bio-active aerated healthy soil.
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Design and manufacture.

Landscape planning and manufacture in steel and timber.
Contact us today to discuss our product ranges or your custom project needs.