Who are we?
Optigrow produces commercial quantities of earthworm castings or vermicast for agriculture in Mpumalanga.
Facilities also include a nursery producing hedging shrubs and tree appropriate for natural fencing and macadamia trees.

Castings are used extensively in agriculture to optimise organic function and rehabilitate soil to ensure healthy plant growth, save water, reduce pest vulnerability, and optimise the uptake of chemical inputs.

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WCWhat are earth worm castings?
Worm castings or vermicast is a thick black natural compound produced by earthworms. It is the fundamental component of natures soil building process. Castings harbor all the components necessary for plants to thrive and for soil to build and develop into a physically, chemically and biologically healthy growth medium. Worm castings are an organic technique that goes hand in hand with modern chemical agricultural techniques, it is the health of soil that ensures that chemical application to soil can optimally function.

Worm castings are natures soil builders.
Castings naturally occurs in healthy soil. The health of your soil from healthy to poor depends on the quantity of worm castings within your soil, produced by the breaking down of organic material, and your soils ability to sustainably create more.

mac trees editCan worm castings help me?

If you answer yes to any of the following, then yes worm castings can help you!

  • If you wish to conserve or save water.
  • If you are clearing and preparing land for planting.
  • If you have high chemical inputs with limited results or wish to optimise your results.
  • If you wish to reduce chemical leach away.
  • Remedy soil toxicity, PH or chemical imbalance issues.
  • Boost microbial activity.
  • If you wish to repair the physical structure of your soil and reduce soil erosion.
  • If you suffer from pest or fungal infestations.
  • If you want to boost plant growth.
  • If you want to increase yield

mac nut - editEarth worm castings golden points.

  • Water
    Repairs soil structure to significantly reduce irrigation costs.
    Stabilises moisture levels within soil to reduce peaks and troughs in availability to the roots, in turn reducing plant stress.
  • Microbes
    Reseeds plant beneficial bacteria who are the crucial gateway between soil and plant roots.
    Optimise chemical fertiliser conversion for plant uptake, reducing loss though drain away.
    Release minerals in mineral sand for plant availability.
  • Soil structural stability
    Repairs the structure of soil reducing soil errosion.
  • Conversion of chemical fertiliser.
    Microbes in the soil are responsible for ensuring efficient uptake of fertiliser additions.
    Increased plant beneficial bacteria culture increases the effective uptake and stabilisation within the soil of per gram added chemical or organic fertiliser.
  • Chemical stabilisation.
    Stabilises and holds chemical and organic fertiliser additions to the soil making them consistently available for when plants require them.
    Peaks and throughs in availability leads to plant stress.
    Reduced plant stress means stronger, healthier, more pest resistent plants,  bearing greater yields.
  • Pest resistant enzymes
    Worm castings boost pest resistant enzyme production in plants repelling insect attack and fungal infection.
  • Plant growth booster.
    Plant growth stimulants and hormones in vermicast encourage plant and root growth. Natures natural trigger to encourage plants to flourish.
  • Oxygenation of the soil
    Baby earthworms and cocoons available in Davley Organics vermicast, seed earthworms into the soil in turn aerating and conveying microbes and other plant beneficial hormones and plant growth stimulants.

Price, quantities and delivery.

Prices are calculated on a sliding scale and are volume driven please see our most recent price list.

Application ranges from 100 ml to 250 ml for seedlings to 2l per tree.
This equates to 500 trees per cubic meter of Opti-Cast or 4 000 to 10 000 seedlings.

Please contact us to discuss optimal planting volumes for your unique soil conditions and environment.

Bulk orders are available in increments of 1 cubic meter and the price quoted is collected.
Please advise if you require delivery as this can be arranged through our shipping partner.
Orders in excess of 20 cubic meters, please allow 2 weeks notice prior to collection or delivery.

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