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So how do I plant my seedlings, in order to give them the best start in life.

Here at Davley Organics, we recommend a handful of vermicast (worm castings) around each seedling and planting it out into the garden.

That handful of vermicast contains all the nourishment your plant needs to make a strong and healthy start.

The reconditioning properties of vermicast help rehabilitate the soil around the seedling and further assist it in its uptake of the available nutrients.

The natural moisture holding properties of vermicast will help maintain just the right moisture level the seedling needs to develop and remain healthy and strong.

To get your garden looking its very best this festive season, pop into one of our retailers today to pick up your seedlings.

Don’t forget your bag of vermicast to give your seedlings the best start in life.

Ask for us by name, its Davley Organics, the good stuff.