The first ever Clinical Cannabis Convention in South Africa went off as a roaring success to the cheers and whoops of a hall packed with people inspired and motivated to see social perceptions and legislation change around this diverse plant.

I wide spectrum of people attended, medical professionals, people suffering from chronic illness, caregivers and people interested in the prospects of readopting cannabis or industrial hemp back into the market place.

Each talk was equally fascinating covering the plant itself, then the clinical components of the plant and how they interact with our bodies. Interactions with other medication and the inclusion of cannabanoids into other existing therapies, cancer, HIV, chemotherapy and opioid addiction.

A talk by the “Dagga Couple” and their legal team, surrounding the case, was very interesting as it is a story I am aware of, but like many South Africans, am not particularly versed in.

Finally we took a look at International and South African drug enforcement policy.
Its proposed purpous, its current implementation and its actual effects on society as a whole.

I think the biggest shocker to all attending was the research covering comparison of personal and societal risk regarding Cannabis vs Alcohol. A damning statement that current drug enforcement policy is not driven by doctors and research or created with peoples welfare truly at its core.

I encourage all to watch these videos.
From the staunch anti-drug protester, law enforcement, the medical community and us average Joe’s at home.

I look forward to the next convention.
As I hope and trust this industry moves out of the shadows, I look forward to more information on the proposed and projected changes in legislation, particularly with regards to registration and the growth, processing and sale of medical cannabis.

To quote the old adage, “knowledge is power”, and in this case it truly is.
I encourage us all to look through our preconceptions of this plant and see what benefits it can provide for our family, friends and our society at large.

Click here for the complete Youtube playlist.

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