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soil with grass

Earthworm castings are a thick black natural compound produced by earthworms.

It is the fundamental component of natures soil building process.

Castings harbour all the components neccessarry for plants to thrive and for soil to build and develop into a physically, chemically and biologically healthy growth medium.

Vermiculture is an organic technique that goes hand in hand with modern chemical agricultural techniques, it is the health of soil that ensures that chemical application to soil can optimally function.

Worm castings are natures soil builders and naturally occurs in healthy soil. The health of your soil from healthy to poor depends on the quantity of vermicast within your soil and your soils ability to sustainable create more.

wcCan castings help me?

If you answer yes to any of the following, then yes castings can help you!

  • If you wish to conserve or save water.
  • If you have done earth-moving.
  • If you are clearing and preparing land for planting.
  • If you have high chemical inputs with limited results or wish to optimise your results.
  • If you wish to reduce chemical leach away.
  • Remedy soil toxicity issues or chemical imbalance.
  • If you wish to repair the physical structure of your soil and reduce soil erosion.
  • If you suffer from pest or fungal infestations.
  • If you want to boost plant growth.
  • If you want to increase yield

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