Optigrow suggests the following application.

Large trees: 2 litres.scoop
Planting new trees: 2 Litres (in the planting hole)
Small trees, shrubs and bushes: 1 litre.
Seedlings: 250 ml per seedling.

Recommend application: Twice annually.

Castings start working the moment they hit your soil, so the sooner you start the sooner you start the journey to breathing health and life back into your soil.

For best results we suggest a healthy addition of high quality compost into your feeding schedule.

Want to calculate your per tree, per block or per hectare usage and cost, contact us today for a quote or we will be more than happy to send you our price list.

Use the table below to calculate your order based on how many trees you have or seedlings you wish to plant.



application   Volume   total  
500 2 Litres 1000 Litres 1 Cubes
1000 2 Litres 2000 Litres 2 Cubes
2000 2 Litres 4000 Litres 4 Cubes
5000 2 Litres 10000 Litres 10 Cubes
10000 2 Litres 20000 Litres 20 Cubes
4000 250 ml 1000   1 Cubes
8000 250 ml 2000   2 Cubes
16000 250 ml 4000   4 Cubes
32000 250 ml 8000   8 Cubes

Application in dry environments.

Application of castings into the planting hole of young trees is crucial to ensure that the multitude of benefits that vermicast offers to strengthen and provide healthy growth from its early years is readily available right at the roots.
Application is highly advised if you are planting, wet or dry season, with or without installed irrigation.

Application of castings can be done year round, they works to stabilise moisture in soil helping to retain moisture in dry soils.

Microbes and worms in vermicast breed and function best in a slightly humid environment.
A bone dry sand will simply encourage worms to migrate and seek out more suitabe environments, not staying where you want them to do their work.
For best results in the dry season on small exposed trees, the instilation of irrigation prior to your application of vermicast is advised, otherwise waiting for the rainy season, so that the worms and microbes have the best environment to get established.
With this said, despite their fragile appearance, worms are supprisingly resiliant.

This is less of an issue in established trees whose branches above provide plenty of shade for the soil beneath.