Optigrow Opticast – 100% pure earthworm castings.

Castings are a thick black natural compound produced by earthworms. It is the fundamental component of natures soil building process. Castings harbor all the components necessary for plants to thrive and for soil to build and develop into a physically, chemically and biologically healthy growth medium.

Optigrow Optimix

Optimix is an ideal solution for pot and bag mix.
Optigrows special mix of earthworm castings and secret sauce to keep your plants healthy and get them growing like crazy.

Optigrow OptiFeed

Optifeed is a concentrated casting leachate packed with nutrient and biological components optimised to support plants and stimulate growth and root development.

OptiGrow Natural Fencing

See our plant list here.

Natural fencing provides a second layer of security for large properties.
A natural planted hedge-line inside or outside your fence can protect fencing from vandalism or unwanted entry by people or animals.
Plant selection can also repel snakes or attract pollinators.

OptiGrow Macadamia tree nursery

We offer a variety of cultivars both grafted and cuttings.

Our focus is the development of healthy trees with superior roots systems.

For more information or to be added to our waiting list, please give us a call.

Optigrow Tea Set

Optigrow tea set, brew a batch of rocket fuel for your plants.
A twin tub setup with automated aeration and circulation system and your starter batch of Opticast earthworm castings to get you started.


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Mega pot is designed especially to grow Mega-Pot.
For indoor and outdoor growers, wanting maximum space for root development.
With a massive 80 Litres of grow space, filled with our special Opti-Mix and perfect for expandable systems, there is no better way to grow indoor or out if you wanting to grow pot in a pot.


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Your one stop grow pot.
Our grow tub is designed especially for the inside grower who want to get to the growing as quick and efficiently as possible.
Filled with our special Opti-Mix and perfect for expandable systems, there is no better way to get started indoors.


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The Opti-Grow-Set offers a four tub expandable automated grow system.
Set includes four 25l tubs with irrigation computer and dripper lines.
The system can be expanded as needed.


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The easiest way to get started reliably outdoor.
Packed with Opticast, our 100% pure earthworm castings, our Grow-Puk is your reliable tool for germination and growing outdoors.
Designed especially to position your plants, mark them, have a pest barrier and ensure a healthy environment around your precious seed, there is no better way to get started outdoors.