SPARK Coverage.


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Great work Dean and the team. So great to be involved and see things happening.

Big thank you to SPARK for an amazing festival weekend, Mr and Mrs Africa Earth for coming out in the sweltering heat and getting their hands dirty, Sanparks for letting us assist them with their epic project to save the highly endangered Pepper bark tree and the IUCMA for their assistance.

OptiGrow joins SPARK festival 2018


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We are super excited about this years first ever sustainability festival in the Lowveld.

Each years work will culminate in a festival, this year being 2, 3rd and 4th March 2018.

Optigrow is honored to be part of the highly dedicated Spark team with a view to achieving positive and sustainable change in our communities.

With involvement in local communities and with community leaders, small and large business alike through to local and national government, Spark festival stands poised to bridge the gap between people in our communities, business and government.

With projects like food gardens, urban gardens, clean water initiatives, water way cleanups, tree planting, training and education. Support and infrastructure in low income communities, you too can get involved.

Healthy organic soil is our thing, what skills can you pitch in.

Share, teach, learn, grow!

Contact the spark team today to do your bit, I’m so glad I did!

Putting the “O” back in optimal growth for Spark 2018

We have all heard of organics, but what is it and what is the natural function of soil? Are chemical fertilizers the devil and is organics going to save the world? The modern farming revolution was built on NPK – the three most important components for plant growth. This golden ratio has become synonymous with […]

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Season closure 15/12 – 8/01


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Dear friends and customers.

Please be aware that Optigrow will be downing tools over the festive season from Friday15th December reopening Monday 8th January.

It has been a busy and successful year.
We wish you all a blessed Christmas, and a well-earned break with fresh energy and enthusiasm for the new year.

All operations will recommence on the 8th and we look forward to chatting more in the new year.

Merry Christmas and seasons greetings from all the team here at Optigrow.

Planting Macadamia trees.


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Here at Optigrow we understand that, happy roots = happy fruits… or nuts.

That is why soil preparation prior to planting is so important to us.

It’s common practice to plant first and feed and irrigate second.
There are many benefits to considering soil preparation prior to planting.

Not just from a plant health point of view but cost wise too.

Soil is the environment that supports plants and as we all know as farmers a well fed and stress free plant is a happy plant.

Simple steps can be taken to prepare for planting.
The earlier the better, but any preparation in advance is better than none.
Soil preparation cost per tree is a fraction of what that tree costs, therefore as an investment, it makes complete financial sense to cover this extremely important factor.

Preparation inside the plant hole is also extremely beneficial vs just building soil from the surface down.

Optigrow produces earths oldest and best soil rehabilitator and conditioner.
We suggest using vermicast in soil preparation as it seeds in all the plant beneficial micro and macro organisms, hormones, micro fungi and plant available nutrient needed to establish a healthy substrate for young developing plants.

Young plants are very susceptible to peaks and troughs in the availability of moisture and nutrient, PH and chemical imbalance in soil due to pesticide use.

Freshly prepared soil is often deep ripped, disturbing and displacing microbe colonies plants rely on for healthy growth.

Commercial farming relies on high yields and quality crops at harvest.
With this in mind after years of investment, the early formative years of trees are essential in achieving this goal.
Healthy root development in young years is first priority and soil health goes hand in hand with this.

Land preparation and planning takes time.
Once plant locations are planned and marked it is advised to begin soil prep at each planting location thereby ensuring established soil health when your investment goes into the ground.
Your trees have a better chance of “taking” in healthier soil, and that alone can offset costs of your soil preparation, not to mention the time, effort and labour to replace dead trees.

But im busy, why soil prep in the hole?
Why not just apply castings on the surface around your trees?
The short answer to this is best effect for your financial investment in soil preparation. The second is time.
Vermicast in the plant hole surrounds the roots supporting them exactly where it is needed.
Microbial colonies then populate outwards in all directions preceding and pioneering ahead of roots. With a surface application, the root supporting components of vermicast work downward towards the roots and then outwards, which takes time. Both support root development and your tree, however soil preparation in advance benefits the tree right from the start and in all the right places.

Investment in macadamias is a wise investment but with any investment it is best to do so carefully. Planning for the healthy support of your trees from young to bearing age is exceptionally important.

Ensuring that the organic function of soil is optimised means that from the start your structural, chemical and biological components of soil are in place and ready to work hand in hand with the chemicals and pesticides you use, keeping your root zones healthy and balanced.

To discuss how we can help you today or for more information on Opti-cast and what we do, please feel free to give us a call.

Nicholas and the Optigrow team.

Optigrow joins Agfo Expo 2017.



Come and join Optigrow at this years Agfo expo.

We will be chatting to farmers and gardeners alike about organic soil restoration and the use of worm castings to encourage the restoration of your soil to its natural organic healthy state.


The AGFO Expo, now in its second year, focuses on the joint interests and natural symbiosis between the agriculture and forestry industries.

This year’s AGFO Expo takes place from Thursday, 14 September, to Saturday, 16 September 2017, at the Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre in White River.  Its main objective is to provide a platform for exhibitors to facilitate trade and promote their products and services to a diverse, but targeted audience.

For more infor, Click here to take a look at the AGFO EXPO webpage. 

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Optigrow pitches in SPARK 2018

A new festival, Spark Festival, beginning of 2018 promising to ignite our interest in all things sustainable, not to mention draw some of the biggest bands in South Africa to the Slowveld during the festive season transforming it into the kickass-veld.

Spark Festival is the first ever sustainability festival in the Lowveld and promises to be one of South Africa’s largest celebrations – a magical confluence of music, nature and community.

Optigrow is proud to be pitching in and will be involved with SPARK community projects and the TEDx event that will be running concurrently with the SPARK Festival.

For more information see the SPARK webpage here.

Optigrow attends Mpumalanga Show 2017

The Optigrow team is excited to join the Mpumalanga Show this year at the Mbombela Stadium.

The first of its kind, Mpumalanga Show will be held from 31 August to 3 September at the Mbombela stadium this year. It will be a showcase for the diverse agriculture, forestry, tourism, and wildlife offerings of the Province while also serving as a hub for innovation, collaboration, and the exchanging of ideas.

For more about the show, see their webpage here.