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We are super excited about this years first ever sustainability festival in the Lowveld.

Each years work will culminate in a festival, this year being 2, 3rd and 4th March 2018.

Optigrow is honored to be part of the highly dedicated Spark team with a view to achieving positive and sustainable change in our communities.

With involvement in local communities and with community leaders, small and large business alike through to local and national government, Spark festival stands poised to bridge the gap between people in our communities, business and government.

With projects like food gardens, urban gardens, clean water initiatives, water way cleanups, tree planting, training and education. Support and infrastructure in low income communities, you too can get involved.

Healthy organic soil is our thing, what skills can you pitch in.

Share, teach, learn, grow!

Contact the spark team today to do your bit, I’m so glad I did!