This week we celebrate National Marine Week.

You might ask what the connection between soil rehabilitation and the health of our oceans is?

Waterways throughout our country run to the ocean, often carrying with them nutrient, toxins, fertilisers, pesticides, hormones and pathogens.

Many of these nasties originating in our cities, factories and farm lands.
They make it through to our waterways as a result of improper filtration, cleaning and decontamination.

We would like everyone to give a thought to natures most successful biological filter, a filter that can hold the nutrient plants need in place, stopping it from washing away. A filter that can detoxify chemicals and work to re-balance ecosystems back to homeostasis.

This filter is natures healthy biologically active soil, teaming with life, natures recycling center.

As we celebrate National Marine Week this week, we encourage everyone, in addition to considering the many issues that plague our marine ecosystems,  to give a thought to the soil, an extremely important piece of the puzzle.