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4845084-3x2-940x627Why use vermicast?

The most basic and most crucial of all questions.

Vermicast has the ability to both fertilize and rehabilitate your soil.


DeadTree CropChemical fertilizers provide food for you trees or plants but provide little in the line of maintaining the health of your plants and soil.

Soil imbalances lead to plant stress, disease, pest vulnerability and the need for more chemical pesticides.

Adding microbes to your soil is of great value, but again is only one piece in a larger puzzle.


Chemical fertilizer in conjunction with vermicast.

So much more than just a fertilizer, vermicasts multi faceted approach to soil rehabilitation is no wizardry, it is a natural process that supports all the elements plants and trees need for sustained healthy growth.

Healthy soil is a natural biome encompassing..

  • Chemical state.
  • Structural property.
  • Biological activity.

With these three in check, trees and plants have the best environment for healthy growth.

Healthy soil supports trees and plants leading to..

  • Stronger structural growth of the plant and root system.
  • Efficient uptake of available nutrient.
  • The stabilised soil environment leads to reduced stress in plants.
  • A healthier immune system, provides plants with higher pest resistance.
  • All leading to a longer yield period and larger, healthier, higher grade crop.

So how does it work?

  • Vermicast itself is a fertilizer, produced by earthworms, that supports the nutritional requirements of plants.
  • As a living fertilizer, microbial activity makes added chemical fertilizers more plant available, see “Benefits of Vermicast in point form” here for more scientific data on Cationic Exchange Rate etc
  • Microbial activity solubises minerals and micro nutrients in soil making them available to plants.
  • The microbial activity and physical structure of vermicast stabilizes chemicals and minerals within the substrate keeping nutrient available more consistently and for longer.
  • The structural properties of vermicast itself helps stabilize moisture levels in soil leading to reduced drain away.
  • Baby earthworms and earthworm cocoons in Davley Organics vermicast (not necessarily available in other vermicast products) slowly continue to rehabilitate the soil over time.


Trees and plants benefit most from a consistent and stress free environment.

Vermicast rehabilitation of soil means consistency in the soil, chemically, structurally and biologically which means health, productivity, quality and longevity of the yield period.

Increased efficiency in chemical fertilizer uptake means chemical input can be reduced over time, a cost saving to you. Increased yield, quality and grade all means greater profits for our farmers.

Opti-Cast works, contact us today to run a trial and see the results for yourself.