Water; it keeps food on our tables, sustains the trees that produce the air that we breath and shade us from the scorching sun, it is the life blood of every living ecosystem.
Water is our most precious resource and to overlook it, we do so at our peril, and when I say peril, where would we be without that ever so necessary cup of morning coffee.


Desertification is a growing concern throughout the world as arable land reduces and water becomes more scarce and or more expensive.
The availability and price of food and clean water effects every single one of us.
Based in Mpumalanga, we are blessed with high summer rainfall, but with that comes the threat of soil erosion.
Davley Organics, we help our farmers rehabilitate soil, increase their soils water retention and water stabilization properties.
We are proud to be doing our own small part in a growing culture of water awareness in South Africa, helping our farmers use less water and use it more efficiently.
We encourage everyone to join us this week as we remember how lucky we are every time we open a tap or savor a delicious piece of fresh fruit.