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With Only 20 days to Christmas, I’m sure everyone is looking forward to their year end break with pent-up excitement.

Christmas is a time for family and friends, time to pop a few chops on the braai, crack open a few beers and enjoy that well earned break out in the garden after another busy year.

Rosemary1With holidays on the way, now is a great time to start thinking about spruicing up our gardens.
There is no better way to relax and enjoy an early summers morning than out in the garden, getting your hands dirty, communing with the birds and the bees, straitening up the garden for the festive season.

A morning out in the garden doesn’t have to be back breaking work.
A cup of tea and a little weeding, a few bisuits and a little light edging. A sandwich followed by a little shaping of the shrubs and hedges.

Davley Organics is here to offer a helping hand this festive season.
To compliment your work on that foliage, vermicast will put a load of goodness back into your soil, perk your plants up and get them thriving and blooming to welcome your family and guest.

butterfl028374_LARGEA little goes a long way, so pop down to your local retailer and pick up a bag of Davley Organics vermicast today, a Christmas present to your garden and a gift that will keep on giving.

Wishing you all a wonderful festive season.

The Davley Organics Team