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I want to plant some seeds, but I don’t want anything complicated.

Simple and effective, you can’t get simpler than vermicast.

Because vermicast is a naturally balanced growth media and fertilizer it contains everything you need to get started.

Along with your bag of seeds or tray of seedlings, a bag of vermicast is all you need to get cracking!

Seeds can be planted directly into vermicast in trays or planted out into the garden with each seed surrounded in a healthy handful of vermicast.

Seedlings being the same, healthy handful around each seedlings root system and into the ground.

As vermicast is a natural product, a fertilizer, yet so much more than a fertilizer, it contains everything your plants need to make a healthy start. Unlike its chemical counterparts, it’s a complete and well rounded nurturing media that supports plant development now and well into the future.

See http://www.davleyorganics.com for more information on Vermicast’s nutrient value, microbial component, mineral solubising ability and moisture stabilisation properties.