Davley Organics Vermicast, is it that dry powdered stuff?

Vermicast in its natural form is a thick dark paste.

Moist and teaming with plant essential microbial activity.

Vermicast is a fertilizer, high in nutrient and most importantly, nutrient in plant available formats.

Davley Organics Vermicast is NOT a dry powder, we purposefully maintain a low yet stable moisture level in our vermicast to maintain and support the microbial activity, a huge benefit over chemical fertilizers.

Chemical fertilizers are used in high dosage to try force plant uptake, but with the microbial activity in vermicast, much greater success is found from lower levels of nutrient as a greater percentage is taken up by the plant and less is lost to drain away.

Worm and microbial action rehabilitate soil and solubise minerals present in the soil.

They also increase availability of added chemical fertiliser all leading to a much healthier plant and less drain away.

This makes vermicast a very important inclusion in a farmers fertilizing routine.