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4-IMG_0564 - smallIt is with great pleasure that Davley Organics releases the  first in its range of wormeries for home recycling.

There are many types of wormeries on the market these days, the most common being either single unit or stackable systems.

As Leonardo Da Vinci so elegantly put it, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and with that in mind, for our debut model, we have designed the family model with the following design spec in mind.

  • Simple, efficient single box design.
  • Large capacity to cater for a whole family.
  • Strong quality plastic for longevity.
  • Rugged, strong and hardwearing.
  • Water resistant in order to maintain a healthy moisture level even in heavy rain.
  • Clip top lit to keep out unwelcome critters.
  • Strong quality tap.
  • Tap elbow to cater for a tube connection for piping tea into a bottle.
  • Wheels for ease of mobility.

With these specifications in mind, Davley Organics has carefully chosen the Addis 110 litre Roughtote Storage box for our family model. Addis has earned itself a household name as one of the most trusted brands in South African homes.

In line with Davley Organics view on recycling, re-purposing and greening the planet one handful at a time, the Roughtote Storage box is made from recycled/recyclable material.

The Davley Organics “Family Model” is large, rugged and strong. Has comfortable integrated handles for easy lifting and portability and four wheels under for mobility. Unit colour is a black base and lid with yellow clips. The tap is a high quality agricultural nylon tap in grey and red.

The “Family Model” at 110litre will cater for a family of four or five, producing a couple of handfuls of organic waste each day. The unit comes complete with a starter population of worms and bedding to keep them comfortable.

Box dimensions are L775 X W520 X H445mm

Unit including tap L825 X W520 X H445mm

Here at Davley Organics, we are firm believers that recycling should be a natural part of our daily routine. Keeping organic waste out of landfill and returning it to your garden as plant food makes logical sense.

Recycling organic waste using the “Davley Organics Family Model Wormery” is extremely simple. Provided your worms have the conditions they like, which are in fact very easy to maintain, they will happily and tirelessly recycle your waste for you for years to come.

Accessibility is important, we would advise to keep your wormery just outside the back door as with time having it close at hand will make it easier to include in your daily routine.

Installation is simple. Elevate the unit off the ground, lifting the back so that the worm tea that accumulates can run towards the front and drain freely through the tap. We recommend you leave the tap open and allow the tea to drain into a small tub or tube it into a bottle. Worm tea is high in nutrient, but not harmful to your plants in its concentrated form. For best results empty accumulated tea into a watering can, top off with water and proceed to give your plants a hearty feed. Otherwise if you’re in a hurry, feel free to throw it concentrated into your veggie patch, garden or at the base of your closest fruit tree.

For more info or to order your wormery today,click here to drop us an email.

All the best

The Davley Organics Team.